Zeiss Humphrey HFA-II 740i Visual Field Analyzer

HFA-II 740i


This unit comes fully refurbished by a certified technician with a table, printer, and a 1 year parts and service warranty.

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The ZEISS Humphrey HFAII 740i from has been the gold standard of perimetry for many years. Having the widest range of testing strategies out of all the 700 series units, the 740i also includes head tracking and vertex monitoring to ensure the results are precise.
Along with Kinetic testing, the 750i provides automatic pupil measurement and blue-on-yellow swap. Another great feature is the patient hard drive that allows the storage space of 40,000 patient files and gives the tech the ability to access prior visits. SITA-FAST can be pre-set or chosen at the time of the test. Includes GPA and HFA Net Pro.


  • Humphrey custom power table
  • LaserJet Printer (built-in)
  • Serial Cable (printer)
  • Power Cord (2)