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Zeiss Humphrey HFA-II 740 Visual Field Analyzer

HFA-II 740


This unit comes fully refurbished by a certified technician with a table, printer, and a 1 year parts and service warranty.

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The Zeiss HFA-II 740 perimeter has grown to be apart of the older generation of visual fields produced from Carl Zeiss Meditec, however it still holds the basic Goldmann principle that even the latest ones possess. Although manufacturers may try to sell you on a newer one, little in regards to the actual perimetry principles has changed. While you do not get glaucoma progression analysis, nor EHR connection capabilities, you do get a visual field machine that performs all the tests you’d ever need to treat your patients and bill their insurance.

The HFA-II 740 is the practical entry level model, featuring an actual hard drive to store patient data, and ‘Gaze Tracking‘ software capabilities to reduce supervision from the operator during the exam. It does not include Blue-Yellow perimetry, nor Head Tracking as standard as seen in the 745 and 750 respectively.


  • Humphrey custom power table
  • LaserJet Printer (built-in)
  • Serial Cable (printer)
  • Power Cord (2)