Marco Nidek Handheld ARK-30 Auto-Refractor/Keratometer


Marco Nidek Handheld ARK-30 Auto-Refractor/Keratometer

This unit is in great working condition. Readings are good. has a some scratches on the housing. Unit is not brand new.

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2.5-inch color LCD for clear display and easy operation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) mode for accurate measurement

90° correction function for user-friendly operability

Auto shot for accurate measurement in the optimal eye position


2.5-inch color LCD

The 2.5-inch color LCD clearly shows centering and focusing indicators and allows easy operation.

AI mode

The AI mode automatically detects the most appropriate value and completes measurement.


90° correction

The 90° correction function facilitates measurement of a patient in lying position by correcting the astigmatic axis by 90°.

Auto shot

The ARK-30 automatically starts measurement when it is in the right position according to centering and focusing indicators.