2010 ESSILOR Kappa CTD Patternless Edger


ESSILOR Kappa CTD Patternless Edger

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To obtain the highest-quality finish, the automatic groove, which is calculated according to the shape of the lens, allows for accurate lens fitting. The customizable grooveing allows for both nylon and metal grooved frames, allowing you to specify the exact size, depth, width and front to back position of the groove. The combinations of parameters and customizable grooving are endless.

Shape modification with Kappa's Large LCD display & Auto lens blocking is extremely easy

Equipped with the ability to alter lens shapes, the Essilor Kappas have a large built in LCD screen on both edger and tracer. These screens help you gain the highest precision in lens edging, blocking and tracing.

Highly Accurate Lens Tracing

For optimum fit of the lens in the frame, accurate lens tracing is a must. It defines the characteristics of the frame profile. No more lenses popping out of frames, when an accurate trace is completed, the finished lenses look perfect.

Memory and Networking:

The Gerber Kappa has a built-in memory of 200 up to shapes. You can work in a continual work stream or delegate the work to multiple people and prepare your tracings in advance. The Gerber Kappa is also capable of having a series of edgers to a single tracer which is suitable for high volume lab setups.

• 3D patternless edging
• Ultra-high precision frame tracing and blocking
• Built-in lens grooving
• Color, large LCD viewing screens
• Memory Capacity: 200 shapes/tracer
• Computer link option OMA Compliant
• High speed cutting
• Lens front/back 3D automatic lens scanner
• Automatic 3D beveling
• Fully automatic chamber door and viewing window
• Self-diagnostic cleaning and calibration
• Ultra-high precision tracing
• Automatic tracing feeler
• Lens/former tracing for rimless frames
• Fully automated lens blocking