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I-OPTICS EasyScan Fundus Camera


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Retinal imaging with EasyScan is easy, affordable and …fast!Because there is no need to dilate, because there are no settings. EasyScan is all plug-‘n-play. In fact, you see the retina live on your screen, real time! It takes only minutes to complete a full examination. And the result is a stunning high-resolution image set for superior diagnostic analysis.

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Benefits of the SLO technology include; earlier diagnosis of retinal conditions, greater contrast than a fundus camera and better penetration of media opacities such as cataract. EasyScan requires zero- dilation thanks to the use of green and infrared laser technology providing optimal patient comfort. EasyScan’s compact design allows it to fit in every office space and with a weight of less than 11kg /24lb, it opens up high-end eye care to patients all over the world.

» Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a price everyone can afford
» High-contrast imaging, see up to the sixth bifurcation (see from 10µ)
» Real-time live view of retina, enhanced view of periphery, automated iris detection.
» Autofocus, autocapture, auto exposure.
» Capture mode: Green (532 nm) and near IR (785 nm) for three imaging modalities
» Easy to use: Joystick navigation and intuitive user software.
» EasyConnect for easy sharing, reviewing, archiving and reporting
» Compact, portable EasyScan fits on every desk, anywhere.
» Award-winning design
Technical specifications

Power consumption: Power supplied by PC or laptop; no AC required
Field angle: up to 60 degrees
Minimum pupil size: 2 mm – true zero-dilation
Optical engine: Confocal SLO high contrast imaging
Flash settings: Auto exposure
Optical resolution: 10 micrometers
Alignment help: Retina live view, pupil live view
Auto focus: Yes
Fixation targets: Three
Ametropia compensation: +/- 10D
Image exporting options:
Image formats: DICOM, PDF, JPEG, PNG
To remote servers: Yes, thanks to EasyConnect Secure Set-up
Accessories: Dust cover; Objective lens cap; Chin rest paper
Weight: <7 kg