Canon TX-20 Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT)


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The TX-20, from Canon, is the latest model of their non-contact tonometer. It uses a soft air puff of air to measure the intraocular pressure (IOP) with ease. This allows doctors to efficiently perform screening test while enhancing patient comfort. This test is important in screening for glaucoma and other pressure related conditions. A warning message is displayed when high IOP is detected.

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A noncontact tonometer provides an effective path to evaluating ocular conditions that affect the pressure inside of the eye such as Glaucoma. The TX-20 Tonometer is an automatic non-contact tonometer that employs a delicate puff of air to enhance patient comfort.When the Safety Alert is set, the TX-20 Tonometer automatically prevents the optical head from making physical contact with the patient. An array of features and technology to help expedite the exam process is available with the Canon TX-20 Full Auto Tonometer. Measure Intraocular T Pressure (IOP) efficiently and easily with a soft puff of air designed to enhance patient comfort. Features a lightweight,compact unit that is easily transported and installed.

Key Features:

  • Automatic shooting
  • Fully automatic alignment
  • Automatic external fixation
  • Visual reliability and indicators
  • High intraocular pressure warning
  • Selectable measurement modes
  • Multiple interface modes including USB, LAN, and RS-232
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Multi-function 5.7" tilting color LCD monitor
  • Motorized chin rest
  • Motorized joystick control
  • Lightweight and compact design


The three-dimensional tracking system of the TX-20 Tonometer features a wide range of movement to detect the examinee’s pupil easily. When in Full Auto mode, the unit features a one touch operation for IOP measurement in both eyes. Tonometer automatically aligns at the touch of a button and measures the intraocular pressure of both eyes. For added flexibility, Auto and Manual measurement modes are included.

the TX-20 Tonometer incorporates external fixation that can easily be activated from the LCD screen for patients with central vision defects.

When a reading cannot be made, the TX-20 Tonometer display will show a snapshot of the examinee’s eye along with the measurement error. The operator will know immediately whether it was an eyelash,eyelid, or the eye being out of position that caused the error. The operator will then be informed on the next action to take such as adjusting the chin rest or limiter.

A warning message is displayed whenever a high IOP is detected. The operator can enter any threshold value on the unit’s settings screen to activate the warning system for that value.

The TX-20 Tonometer is designed with comfort in mind — for both the operator and the patient. It comfortably fits on an instrument table with a Canon Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera (each sold separately) to help streamline the exam process.  At approximately 33 pounds, the TX-20 Tonometer is easy to install and transport.

The TX-20 Tonometer provides data output using LAN and RS-232C connections.  It allows for data input via USB connections.

Whether the operator is sitting or standing, the 5.7 inch color LCD monitor tilts 40° making the TX-20 Tonometer easy to use. The clear LCD display also includes multi-functional screen buttons which allows the operator to switch menus as needed.

The motorized Omni–directional joystick with fine focus dial makes it easier to align a patient's eye. All positioning may be performed with one hand which allows the other hand to work with the patient as needed. Once the patient is properly positioned, the top of the joystick button features a start button which can immediately be pressed.

Up to 10 measurements for each eye can be stored in the internal memory. They can be listened in the order they were taken or by reliability. A print-out can be setup to automatically print. The front loaded built-in printer includes an auto cutter, making it simple to remove the print-out. New paper rolls (sold separately) can easily be inserted through the feeder.


Type  Fully Automatic Non-Contact Tonometer(NCT)
Automatic Functions 3D Auto Alignment, Auto Shooting
Alignment Modes Full Auto / Auto / Manual
Selectable Measurement Times 3/2/1 sec
Working Distance 11mm From the Front of the Nozzle
Interface Input: USB
Output: LAN, RS-232c
Display Tiltable 5.7" LCD Monitor
Joystick Single-Axis(Motorized)
Operating Range Front/Back: 40mm
Left/Right: 90mm
Up/Down: 30mm
Chin Rest Up/Down: 60mm
IOP Measurement Range 0-60mmHg
Include Automatic Shifting Between 30/60 mmHg
Measurement Increment 1mmHg
Eye Fixation Target Internal Fixation Light / External Fixation Light
Power Supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.8-0.4A
Dimensions(W x L x H) 10.2 x 19.3 x 19.7 inches
Weight Approximately 33lbs