CenterVue Eidon True Color Confocal Scanner Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera

CenterVue Eidon

New product

The device is operated via a tablet with a multi-touch, high resolution, color display; it works with a dedicated software application and operates as a standalone unit. A joystick is provided when manual operation of the device is desired.

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  • Combined structure and function analysis
  • High test – retest repeatability
  • Reliable automated follow up with combined structure-function progression analysis
  • High-resolution TrueColor Confocal Imaging of the retina & Outstanding 3D Viewing of Optical Disk Details
  • Comprehensive VFA & Fundus Related reports
  • Automatic refractive correction, NO trials lens required!
  • More patient comfort: test can be suspended at any time without data loss


Fundus Perimetry    
Projection field    30° (radius)
Background luminance    31.4 asb
Maximum luminance    10000 asb
Dynamic range    0 - 50 dB
Stimulus size    Goldmann III (26”)
Stimulus duration    200 ms
Test Strategies    ZEST, 4-2, Supra-threshold
Threshold tests    30-2, 24-2, 10-2
Fixation control    25 Hz automated retinal Tracking
Foveal threshold testing    
Automatic pupil size measurement
Fundus Imaging    
Field of view    60° (diameter)
Bi-focal Stereo Image of the ONH    
Sensor resolution    5 Mpixel (2592x1944)
Light source    infrared (825-870 nm) and white LED (440-650 nm)
Imaging modalities    color, infrared, red-free
Resolution    17 microns

Weight    25 Kg
Size    H 620 X W 590 X D 360 mm

Electrical requirements    
Power    100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Consumption    80 W

Other Features    
Automatic operation    auto-alignment, autofocus, auto-retinal tracking, auto-pupil tracking, auto-exposure, auto-capture
Non-mydriatic operation    minimum pupil size 3 mm
Working distance    28 mm
Auto-focusing adjustment range    -12D to +15D
Fixation target    programmable, internal
User interface    Tablet operated, with multi-touch, color display
Ethernet connection through device    
DICOM support    modality worklist
Hard disk    SSD, 256 GB