CenterVue MAIA Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera

CenterVue MAIA

New product

The new MAIA software version 1.5.3 includes the innovative “Eye Tracker Alarm,” a feature that advises the operator when the patient is not properly following the MAIA test. This feature reduces even more the operator’s involvement during screening.

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Benefits of MAIA:

  • Simple to use, patients can be tested in less than 3 minutes per eye
  • By comparing macular indexes in patients with and without retinal pathologies,MAIA is very effective at measuring functional changes due to disease and to treatment.
  • Helps monitoring the course of retinal diseases and the efficacy of treatment Effectively combines a linear SLO system and a fundus controlled perimetric exam, providing clear and detailed retinal images
  • New Eye Tracker Alarm for the MAIA


Fundus imaging    
Line scanning laser ophthalmoscope Field of view    36° x 36°
Digital camera resolution    1024 x 1024 pixel
Optical resolution on the retina    25 microns
Optical source: infrared super luminescent diode    850 nm
Imaging speed    25 fps
Working distance    33 mm

Fundus Perimetry    
Standard macular test    10°
Field of view for macular perimetry    20° x 20°
Tracking speed    25 Hz
Stimuli size    Goldman III
Background luminance    4 asb
Stimuli dynamic range    36 dB
Maximum luminance    1000 asb

Unit size    W 348 x H 580 x D 600 mm (13.7 x 22.8 x 23.6 in)
Unit weight    23 kg (50.7 lbs)

Power Requirement    
Voltage    100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, fuse 3.15 A (T type)
Power consumption    300 VA

Laser classification    
Class I laser product conforming with 60825-1 IEC:2007    

Power cord    
Spare fuses    
Operating manual    
Dust cover    
Front lens cap    
Silicon head-rest    
Eye occluder    

Other Features    
Non mydriatic operation (minimum pupil diameter: 2.5 mm)    
Auto-focus (-15D to +10D)    
Automatic OD/OS recognition